Ask A Pedorthist #1

Arlene asks:  Hello. I shattered my ankle and part of my upper foot 6 months ago and I am looking for a casual black shoe that is attractive and obviously comfortable for my condition. I need lots of cushioning and comfort. Please recommend a shoe that you think may suit me. thank you, Arlene.

Irv, Certified Pedorthist:  Without seeing your foot, it is hard to make specific recommendations.  Without knowing  where in your recovering stage you are at.

I would definitely recommend a tie shoe.  This will immobilize the foot so the shoe can endure most of the stress to make walking easier.  There are shoes out there that will have a rigid rocker bottom that will be the most effective.

As to specific brands I would recommend some styles (not all) by Finn Comfort, Naot, Danskos.  These are brands we do carry.  I’m sure there are other brands out there.

As to the dressiness of shoes.  This is quite a subjective, so I recommend having an open mind.  I do understand that certain occasions call for specific looks.  But for every day activity on your feet with these specific issues, a shoe can only do so much the dressier it is.

If you live locally I would recommend making an appointment, with one of our Pedorthist.  If you live out of town, I would try and look up a local Pedorthist and consult with them.  I hope this helps to guide you to footwear to help you stand, walk, and enjoy life.

Thank You,


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