Ask A Pedorthist #3

Denise asked: I have a hammer toe on one foot and a bunion on the other. When I purchase shoes they are either Dansko or Birkenstock shoes. Both brands start off being very comfortable but as the day goes on my hammer toe gets to be so sore that I have to take my shoes off and my bunion starts to hurt as well. Are there any shoes out there that address these issues? Shoes are too expensive to just keep buying in hopes of finding the perfect shoe.

Irv, Certified Pedorthist: The brands you wear are good brands, but with a bunion and hammertoe, the recommended type of shoe is a tie shoe.  A tie shoe will control the foot and reduce the amount a foot movement in a shoe.  The shoe will also do more work, so your foot doesn’t have to work as hard.  If you enjoy Birkenstock, I would try a tie Birkenstock or Finn Comfort brand.  If you wear athletic shoes, a stiffer shoe with a wide and high toe box along with an orthotic will do well too.  As for your Birkenstock sandals, they should be limited as a house shoe.  If you are local and wanted to make an appointment with one of our Certified Pedorthists, feel free to give us a call.

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