Ask A Pedorthist Questions

Ask A Pedorthist #3

Denise asked: I have a hammer toe on one foot and a bunion on the other. When I purchase shoes they are either Dansko or Birkenstock shoes. Both brands start off being very comfortable but as the day goes on my hammer toe gets to be so sore that I

Ask A Pedorthist #1

Arlene asks:  Hello. I shattered my ankle and part of my upper foot 6 months ago and I am looking for a casual black shoe that is attractive and obviously comfortable for my condition. I need lots of cushioning and comfort. Please recommend a shoe that you think may suit

Ask A Pedorthist #2

Angela asks: My job requires me to work at a number of trade shows throughout the year. Often it involves long hours of standing in one spot on cement floors. Am I better served getting a shoe with a lot of cushion versus a lot of support? Is there a